Recommended Security Software
Currently one of the best applications for removing Spyware and Malware.

Recommended Online Backup Software
Carbonite- A very easy to use, Secure Service recommended for Home users who have a lot of Pictures or Documents that they would like to backup.

Recommended Remote Access/Control for your PC A great way to logon to multiple PC's anytime you would have a need.

Some of our favorite Web Sites
Maximum PC- My favorite Tech Magazine

VPN Beginners Guide-  A great page that explains VPN

Blu Ray Duplication - Blu ray duplication - makes your blu-ray duplication project easier than ever. This process makes the master ready and all art complete within less time. Contact today to buy your duplication package.

Recommended VOIP Service Our current Voice Over IP Phone provider.

Amber's Favorite Links
Hulu- Watch some of your favorite TV Shows online...for free!

Stop in and see Ziggy!

Dan the Computer Man